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How long are your pet sits?
I spend around 15-20 minutes at each visit, which is enough time to feed your pets, change their water, clean up after them and give them some love & attention.
How many times a day can you visit my pet?
I visit once or twice a day, depending on your pet. Some pets will need two visits, particularly young kittens or cats that need lots of attention. If you don't think 2 visits will be long enough I also offer one-hour long pet sits.
Do you take last minute bookings?
Yes! I will always try to make time for your pet so please get in touch to see if I have availability.
Do you do dog training?
 I am not a dog trainer but I am more than happy to follow your instructions in regards to commands and interaction so that all your hard work training doesn't come undone!
Do you charge extra for more than one pet at home visits?
Nope! The standard rate is £8 per visit, no matter how many pets you have.
Do you look after exotic pets?
Yes! It's not just cats. I have looked after chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, snakes and lizards! Get in touch and let me know the specifics and I'll see what I can do.
How do you keep my keys and details safe?
The last thing you need is to spend your whole holiday worrying that everything at home is safe and sound as you left it, which is why I have security measures in place so you can rest assured. When you book my services I will come to your house for a consultation where I will explain this in more detail. 
Are you insured?
Yes, I have a Combined Animal & Pet Business Insurance Policy with Protectivity Insurance. 
Do you have a DBS check?
Yes, I can send you the details upon request.
Where will you be walking my dog?
The location of the dog walk will depend on where you live, and where I can get to and from in the 1-hour dog walk. Usually, dog walks are along the beach (in Winter) or in the nearest park to you.
Will you send me updates while I'm away?
Yes, I'll send you updates via text message to let you know everything's ok.
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