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Pet Sitting Services & Prices

Cat Sitting

Cats are very territorial animals and are creatures of habit. While you love to go away on holiday, your cat would much rather stay in its own, safe home environment. When you're away I will maintain your cat's usual routine, providing all the love and care it usually receives.


I'll visit your pet once or twice a day depending on your preference. The visit will last around 20 minutes, and will include the following:



  • Feeding and fresh water (according to your instructions)

  • Daily cleaning of bowls and feeding area

  • Cleaning of litter tray including whole content change

  • Clearing up of any kitty mishaps

  • Grooming

  • Pampering and Playtime!

  • Text or Email updates if requested

  • Other services if required (watering plants, taking bins out etc.)


Dog Walking

I provide all the love and attention your dog needs when you're not around.


My dog walks are an hour long and are in groups of up to three, (but usually just one or two). I pick your pup up from your home at around lunchtime (or whichever time suits you) and drop them off an hour later. During our walk, your dog will get all the exercise and playtime they need.


At your consultation, we will discuss your dog's behaviour and preferences as well as any specific instructions such as feeding and commands.


I will walk your dog on a lead until we get to know each other. Once I am confident with your dog's behaviour I can let them off the lead where appropriate if you wish.








Puppy Visits & Short Walks

Puppies need much less exercise than fully-grown dogs. If you over-exercise a growing puppy you can overtire it and damage its developing joints, causing early arthritis. For puppies that are too young to go on long walks, I offer a puppy sitting service.


 I will visit your puppy at home and take it for a short walk depending on its age and whether it's had its vaccinations.


Puppy visits last 30 minutes, and include the following:


  • Feeding if required and fresh water (according to your instructions)

  • Supervising your puppy outside in the garden

  • Clearing up of any puppy mishaps

  • Pampering and Playtime!

  • Text or Email updates if requested

  • A short walk if required











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